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About Health and Fitness Co

Our founder, Nadine Pierre, has a lifelong interest in the health and fitness industry. With experience losing and maintaining weight-loss, she decided to create a business that helps people become happy with who they are. Identifying a gap in the weight-loss and nutritional advisor market, she took action and formed Health and Fitness Co. Working directly with clients over the internet, we endeavour to help you become confident in yourself and your own abilities. It’s never too late to start your journey.

The Full Package

Suited to different body types, nutritional needs, and your goals, our packages are tailored to you. View the range of options that we have below:

A Science-Backed Solution

With coaching, diets, and weight-loss plans, we have everything you need to become fit and healthy. Monitoring progress using a variety of metrics, we help you reach your goals. A personalised service is offered, and you receive a custom nutritional and lifestyle programme that supports you and your goals. If you feel like you have tried everything to lose weight, then enquire about our services. It takes, dedication, commitment, and courage, but the results are always worth it. Our recipes allow you to love food and lose weight at the same time.

Personalised to You

Most of our packages include weekly online consultations, which are there to benefit you. Keeping track of your dietary requirements, we make changes to your package based on your results. It’s a bespoke service. Working around you, we deliver the consultations via email or Skype™. Sessions are arranged each week so that any improvements or changes are documented.

Contact our helpful team to receive more information on the nutritional advice that we offer.